Dancer4freedom It will be a dance game inspired by the game Bust a Groove PS1. play to earn game, on the Solana network that offers a high production value gaming experience. The matches are played between two dancers, who compete to define who is the best dancer, accumulating points as they perform better dance steps, the one who accumulates the most points wins the match. When a game ends, the game currency token is for the winning dancer, depending on the category of the character, he will be able to participate in more or less daily games. We want to establish that our goal is to create a game that satisfies the wishes of our community, therefore even when we have our clear steps to follow, this will always be subject to voting because ultimately our holders will be the owners of the project at all times.


There will be different assets in the game, highlighting among them the NFT, an essential requirement to be able to play. Within this category, we contemplate two collections of dancers (LIBERTY = Female) and (Freedom = Male), in the future we plan to create a reduced collection of NFT lands that will be the dance stages, in them, according to their category, it will be possible to house a certain number of spectators, who will be able to bet, thus starting another way of earning money.

THE MINT (Liberty 777)

Our first mint have target date is 5/10/2022, (Liberty collection) have the total supply will be 777, the value 1 SOL. Being our first collection, we want to benefit the holders who join us from the beginning with a package of benefits:
- The first of which is that this collection will have 15% legendary NFT and 25% super rare, compared to future collections. of dancers that will be 5% legendary and 15% super rare, the rarity of the dancer will determine the number of paid dances he can do for each daily, the higher the rarity, the greater the number of daily games. so if you wins the dance competition more daily tokens ergo more money. - The second benefit is that we will raffle among the holders of this collection 5 prizes of $1,000 usdc, this prize will be delivered within a maximum of 48 hours after the sale of the total collection of 777 nft. - The third benefit that we consider may be the most important is that the owner of one of these NFT will have the right to preferential purchase at the Mint de Land. dance stages.

THE MINT (Liberty 7000)

A later we will launch the liberty 7000 collection, priced at 1.2 SOL, which will have a Whitelist of 700 and for these the price will be 1 SOL plus pre-sale access. In this collection we intend to create NFT with animated images, GIF, In addition to the change and aesthetic value, a package of benefits for holders such as airdrops, or WL, raffles. will be announced at the time.

THE MINT (Freedom 7777)

The second launch Collrction (Freedom ) will take place on the second quarter, target date to be determined. There will be a public sale of 6000 + 1000 WL NFTs, and 777 will be airdropped to Liberty 7000 owners. Selection requirements will be announced in the community.

Dance Stage (Land)

In Q4, We intend to launch our Dance Stage collection (Land), this collection will have a small number and a high value, because the owners will be the ones who will house the bettors, thus starting the betting system. the sales preference on these NFT will be as follows: - Their sale will be prioritized to whoever has in their wallet (Liberty777+Liberty7000+Freedom). - Secondly will be prioritized, whoever has in their wallet (Liberty777+Liberty7000) or (Liberty777+Freedom) - Those who have in their wallet will be prioritized in third place (Liberty777)


In Q4 it will be possible to stake Liberty and Freedom NFT on the website, we foresee a return of 5% to 15% per month on the initial sale price boosted by the rarity of the character, but we remind the community that our goal as team is to create a fun game with a healthy economy, it is a long-term project, and we cannot guarantee the behavior of the market. As a team we want staking to take place once the token obtains liquidity, but the time it will be available is subject to a community vote.


When the characters reach half of their possible games, the owner can carry out the breeding, as long as he has at least 2 characters. (Liberty = female X Freedom = Male). for this there will be no associated costs, it will work in a similar way to the staking system only that it will not generate token profits while it is looking for breeding, at the end of the required days a new character will be delivered by airdrop. Each new character will inherit percentage skills developed in life as dancers from the parents, and each parent will be able to reproduce at most 3 times.


Of the amount of money collected by the bets, the winner of the dance will earn 1%, the game team will collect 1%, and the owner of the stage will be able to collect a maximum of 1%, the rest will be from the winners of the bet, the variability It assumes that stage owners will compete with each other by providing the best service at the lowest price.

The journey is just beginning, but we are heading in the right direction.

The journey is just beginning, but we are heading in the right direction.